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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No approver found for Purchase Requisition||Requisition going to INCOMPLETE status

Requisition could not be approved and goes to INCOMPLETE status after the final approver approves the requisition.

--Requestor and the final approver gets notification like "No approver found for Purchase Requisition"
--Requisiton goes to INCOMPLETE status.

-- Requisition preparer is the manager of his subordinate/requestor.
-- There is a PO setup which restricts preparer from approving his/her own requisitoin.
-- REQAPPRV workflow completes with NO ERROR.
-- Following Events happened,
Preparer/Manager prepared the requisition for his subordinate/requestor and submitted for approval>PR went for requestor/suboridinate approval>Requestor approved the requisition>PR went for Manager of the requestor for approval who is the preparer/owner of the PR>Manager approved the PR>PR could not be approved and remained in INCOMPLETE status

This is a standard functionality. There is a setup in PO which restricts the preparer from approving his/her own PO.
Here the Preparer is the manager of the requestor.

Suggested Fix:
Nothing can be done to this requisition. Ask the user to create a new Requisition and submit for approval.


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