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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Setting up Credit Cards in iExpense

Credit Cards functionality in Oracle can be used in the following Oracle modules to automate expenses / procurement busines in the company,

Oracle iExpense
Oracle iProcurement

In this post we will be discussiong about Credit Card functionality used through Oracle iExpense.

Typically large / midium companies give credit cards to their employees to use it for company related expenses.
Company related expenses like Travel expenses (Accomodation, Car rental, Meal etc) / Visa expenses etc.
As part of the process, companies first evaluate which credit card company to go with (like Visa / Master card / AMEX) and then the credit card issuer like Bank of America / CITIBANK / US Bank etc.

There are multiple factors which influences this decision like service offerings / ease of integration / cost factor etc.
In Oracle for iExpense, AMEX being the most popular one.

Once you decide which credit card and credit card issuer to go with, following setup steps are required in Oracle in order to be able to use the credit card functionality in iExpense,

1. Setup Credit card program
2. Setup Credit card profile
3. Setup Credit cards
4. Enable Credit card functionality in iExpense

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oracle EBS 11i:Creating a simple search/result page in OAF

In this post we will see how to create a simple search/result OAF page. I have taken a simple supplier search/result page as an example.

Pre-requisites for this video:
  • JDeveloper 9i with OA Extension
  • You have the EO / VO / AM (BC4J components) ready for the OAF page -refer my last video on how to create these.
I have used Oracle JDeveloper 9i with OA extension as the IDE. (refer my previous post on how to install and set up JDeveloper 9i with OA extension)

Check out the following video about how to create a simple search/result page in OAF,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

OAF:Creating EO / VO / AM

As part of creating an OAF page using Oracle application framework using JDeveloper 9i, in this post we will see how to create

  • Entity Object (EO)
  • View Object (VO)
  • Application Module (AM)
These are the pre-requisites for creating a page in OAF.

Pre-requisites for this video tutorial are,

  • JDeveloper 9i with OA Extension (I have used for Oracle application ver - Refer my previous video for the installation of the same.
Check out following video.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oracle JDeveloper 9i / 10g with OA Extension installation

Client OS: Windows XP / 2000 / Windows 7
JDeveloper version: JDeveloper 9i / 10g

First get the OA Framework version in your Oracle apps environment using below URL,


replace "your_apps_url" with your APPS URL, PORT_NUMBER with your APPS port number

This will give you info about your OA framework version with some other details about your environment.

Then go to following Oracle metalink note ID:787209.1
This would give you the right patch number to download.

Follow the video to install JDeveloper 9i. This would also work for JDeveloper 10g.